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All About Us

We’re Here for You!

We’ve been providing the largest selection of scrubs for a hundred mile radius around the Quincy area since 1999. We’re a Quincy-owned and operated business with ties to our community and its people.

Here’s why we’re the best scrubs store for you:

  • We have over 10,000 items in stock daily from over 15 name brand companies.
  • Our selection ranges from X-Small to 5XL.
  • We stock all area dress-code required apparel.
  • We do special orders.
  • We provide a lay-away plan.
  • We have Payroll Deduct available.

We Give Back!

We said we have ties to our community and we mean it!  We bring our collection to you at your request.  Just call us and we’ll make arrangements to truck a selection of scrubs and accessories to your location  for a special 1-day sale.

And the best part about that? Your organization gets 10% of the sales made!

“Love the scrubs and all the sales you have especially the buy back sale! I’ll be in with mine!”

Nikki Wagner Christ

“The Attic is the greatest place to shop. They treat you like family and go out of their way to help you. Always taking the time for special orders for me. Thank you gals. “

Dottie Daggs

“All the scrubs and the nursing supplies to choose from!!”

Emily Decker